Does anyone know if it’s possible for one’s own Pr...
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Does anyone know if it’s possible for one’s own Prefect Cloud account to kick off a flow that’s in another Prefect Cloud account? My org delivers data to another org that also uses Prefect and it’d be cool if once my data delivery finishes, it could automatically kick off their pipeline that handles said data. Maybe if not cross-cloud, there could be an email trigger (if the other org gave me their account and flow IDs)?
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By default at the moment this wouldn't be possible since the you'd still need to have a valid API key for their org in order to trigger the flow runs. That said you could have them setup some sore of trigger through a service like aws lambda or some equivalent to trigger a flow run in their environment up delivery of the data you're moving. Basically you would need to have some external reference for both orgs that could be used to signal the transfer of data. This discourse article outlines one potential use case around this
Ah cool — thanks! We’ll check this out