Erik Kristiansen

09/15/2022, 1:35 PM
Hi all, I was looking through the documentation of Prefect but could not easily find the answer to my two questions, so I hope you all can help me. Does Prefect support human interaction in the pipelines. e.g. data is being processed in the pipeline but must be validated manually before the final few steps. And does Prefect support states in the pipelines. Meaning the current run can be changed according to the last 10 runs? e.g. data is being processed and if the current value is greater than X and in the last 10 values there were at least 5 others with a value greater than X then I want the workflow to branch differently. I hope I explained it well enough

Sahil Rangwala

09/15/2022, 8:41 PM
Hello Erik! I will answer your questions in the two parts it was asked. 1. There is not an interaction window built natively into the UI of prefect, but you can provide a stage where a notification can be signaled when a flow is completed, and then a user could go into the UI to manually kick off another flow run once they have manually validated. 2. You can have states for your flow runs, and many people use that for states or events to conditionally kick off other flows Here are more examples on how to handle this interaction Hopefully this was helpful!

Erik Kristiansen

09/20/2022, 6:37 AM
Thank you very much, that was helpful