Jason Leacox

09/14/2022, 6:07 PM
Hi, I'm curious if there are project count limits on Prefect Cloud?

Mason Menges

09/14/2022, 9:35 PM
Hey @Jason Leacox Assuming you're referring to cloud 1 I don't know of any specific limits in regards to projects in Cloud 1 as it's mostly for organizational purposes in regards to your flows. would you mind sharing a bit more about your concerns here?

Jason Leacox

09/14/2022, 9:39 PM
Hi @Mason Menges thanks for getting back to me. We are worried about running up against a scaling limit in prefect cloud as we deploy dev environments for various features we want to test. Right now we have user-specific dev projects, but we're looking to move to also include features on that list. I think we're on the cloud standard plan, and yes likely cloud 1.0.
We currently have 21 projects