Hello - have a quick question regarding the local ...
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Hello - have a quick question regarding the local dask executor: We have stumbled upon this issue as well and we are working with prefect version 0.13.10. So it seems that the examples as suggested in prefect docs for LocalDaskExecutor dont work and we need to go via this RemoteEnvironment variable. Has this been addressed at later versions of prefect or should we just proceed with the RemoteEnvironment solution ?
Hey @Konstantinos I can say that with recent users of the Local Dask executor this hasn't been an issue that's come up, if updating isn't something that you and your team would be able to do then the solution in the issue may be relevant. It doesn't look like any specific changes were made in regards to that issue other than updating the documentation.
Hi @Mason Menges , apologies i missed your reply. Sure, we are using this hack for now and would like to upgrade at some point.