Hi, everyone! We are using prefect 1.2.4 and recen...
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Hi, everyone! We are using prefect 1.2.4 and recently got the following problem when started a flow from CLI with
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f"`watch_flow_run` timed out after "
RuntimeError: `watch_flow_run` timed out after 12.0 hours of waiting for completion. Your flow run is still in state: <Running: "Running flow.">
Is there a way to pass a different max_duration to a
in such usecase?
Hey @Anton L. As far as I can tell from the cli commands I don't believe you can do so there, that said what are you attempting to accomplish by watching the flow run? depending on you're use case it's possible to wait for the flow run to complete before triggering a separate flow this article covers one potential use case around it https://discourse.prefect.io/t/how-to-schedule-and-orchestrate-a-flow-of-flows-for-a-data-warehousing-etl-use-case/691
It is not a flow-of-flows case. Thanks.