Hello, I've been running into this error trying to...
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Hello, I've been running into this error trying to login to prefect cloud via docker image. The Dockerfile is simple: FROM prefecthq/prefect:2.3.2-python3.10 RUN prefect cloud login -k <my api key> I get the following attached error when running docker build . I tried using different prefect images with different prefect2 and python versions, but get the same error. Any idea what could be causing this?
I ran into the same problem. Running those commands instead fixed it for me:
prefect config set PREFECT_API_KEY=...
prefect config set PREFECT_API_URL=...
Thank you so much!
To follow up on the cause: the
prefect cloud login
command expects an interactive terminal, because it asks you to pick a workspace and then enter a profile name. The Docker build environment doesn't provide
, so the command fails.
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