Hi everyone! We have some exciting in-person event...
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Hi everyone! We have some exciting in-person events over the next couple of weeks to highlight. Who doesn't love free drinks & food? • On September 28th in DC, we're hosting both a Community Coworking Day at Mindspace and a Community Meetup at Dacha Beer Garden. ◦ The Coworking Day will feature a live recording of PrefectLive! To have access to the Coworking Day you must register on the Meetup ahead of time. ◦ If you haven't been to Dacha, it's an awesome outdoor beer garden! • On September 30th we'll be in-person at the AWS Community Day at George Mason University here in the DMV, feel free to come join us at this free events if you're an AWS practictioner. • On October 6th in Boston we're hosting a Community Meetup at Kings for bowling & drinks. Kings is a retro-style bowling venue that is a ton of fun! Our Community Calendar is always available with both virtual and in-person events, and we also put in-person events on our Meetup group. Finally - we'd love to help you host a Prefect Community Meetup in your city. If you're interested you can always reach out to me or the Prefect Developer Advocates @Jeff Hale and @Khuyen Tran!
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