Hello. I need to pass imagePullSecrets in Kubernet...
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Hello. I need to pass imagePullSecrets in KubernetesJob. I use customizations arg:
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        "op": "add",
        "path": "/spec/imagePullSecrets",
        "value": [{'name': 'dockerhub'}],
What is wrong with passed value? I still get an access denied error.
when the job starts up, does it include all the secrets requirements in the spec at runtime? Is this something you need to configure via customizations, or is this possible using a templated job?
e.g. what does a valid working job spec look like (not necessarily a prefect executed one), and what does the job spec look like at runtime for a prefect executed one? It could be another customization is missing?
@Christopher Boyd Thank you, I have already found the reason. I used wrong secret name.