Looking for solutions on how to "call a task from ...
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Looking for solutions on how to "call a task from within a task" • My main task, "Get data from sql" will get the data. • Within the above function, I run another function to generate the SQL-statement with the specifics sent into the parent function (such as a date from a list of datetimes). • Since I cannot decorate the sql-generating function with a @Task - how can I run it and still see it in Prefect? I see from the docs that my options are either 1) use sql.fn() or 2) not decorate it with a @Task - neither of which will not generate a task run. Here is a mockup: @task
def sql_builder(date):
statement = statement generator with date and tables
return statement
def get_data(date):
sql = sql_builder(date)
get_data(sql, con)
@Stefan why not make the get_data function a flow instead? your flow can call it directly as a subflow.
Thank for your reply. My first thought was that would seem pretty overkill to generate that amount of Flow-runs in addition to the main one, especially if I'm doing a year's worth of data (one subflow per day) (imagine the UI)
curious why do you need to "see it in Prefect" ?
To take advantage of what Prefect has to offer for tasks? See output, use retries, map-function, tags.
then it has to be either a task or flow. will be interested to see how you decide to implement it.
Hi Stefan, we wouldn't recommend using
due to the fact that you lose all orchestration functionality that prefect tasks have. You can, however, have a flow call the task, and a flow call a flow.
Thanks @Bianca Hoch!