If there’s a task failure in an upstream task and ...
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If there’s a task failure in an upstream task and I am waiting on it to complete (using
), it’s never triggered, rather goes into an undocumented
state. To overcome this, I have to set
on the upstream task. See images below for states. See screengrabs 👇 - left fails, right works. This seems like a common DAG use-case which should be handled well by prefect, how do we wait on a set of upstream tasks to complete and then perform a cleanup / notification at the end (with an aggregate of results from all upstream tasks).
Thanks for the report!
indicates that the upstream needs to complete successfully for the downstream to run.
Perhaps we can allow the upstream to reach any final state.
Yeah ! that would make a lot more sense. This seems like a pretty common use-case where a downstream task needs to execute after all upstream ones are done - Completed or Failed.
+1 we currently use
in Prefect 1, and are looking for something similar in Prefect 2