Hi all, I'm trying to schedule a flow but the sche...
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Hi all, I'm trying to schedule a flow but the scheduler isn't turned on when I view in the UI. When I try to turn the scheduler on using the slider, I get this error
Something went wrong. Please wait a few moments and try again
. Any idea how I can debug this?
Some extra information. I am running on top of an EKS deployment and I am using prefect core 1.3.0. I'm seeing the scheduler appear in the flow details as well
how far are you in your Prefect adoption? perhaps it's worth switching to Prefect 2 to make this setup easier? check the docs at docs.prefect.io
if you want to get help on this 1.0 issue, you would need to provide more details on your setup, what you run, how and provide a minimal reproducible example
I managed to figure it out! We had required parameters in our flow which we can't use
ah makes sense, thx for update!