Hi everyone. Did something happen with prefectclou...
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Hi everyone. Did something happen with prefectcloud automations on Sunday? All our slack messages stopped being sent without any alteration. The webhook is fine and when I send a test message via the UI this is also successful. Despite recreating all the automations they still do nothing when their triggers occur.
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Could you open a GitHub issue and describe the behavior in more detail? This way some Cloud engineer could take a look. It would be important to highlight whether you use automations or the legacy webhooks and your version/setup/usage of this
Thanks for reporting this btw! Always appreciated 👍
sure, I will do so
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I can confirm this is happening to us too
Can you link the issue @Rhys Mansal - I will add to it
@Rhys Mansal and @Ben Muller could you tell us when did you experience those issues with Automations and whether those are fixed now? I believe if you try that now it should be fixed, LMK if not
also, could you share your tenant IDs?
@Rhys Mansal and @Ben Muller first, apologies for this issue. We were able to identify that our secret store maintenance that happened on Saturday seems to have caused a few issues with Automation Actions. We are actively working on resolving this issue right now, we'll update you here as soon as this is fixed thanks so much for reporting this ❤️
The issue has been resolved now. Once again, thank you so much for reporting this, and let us know if you see any issues starting from now on
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