Hi! I followed the tutorial on <https://github.com...
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Hi! I followed the tutorial on https://github.com/anna-geller/prefect-docker-deployment. One step of the docker file is to copy the flows:
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ADD flows /opt/prefect/flows
Which seems to be consistent with the deployment
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storage: null
path: /opt/prefect/flows
entrypoint: flows\healthcheck.py:healthcheck
It seems that the deployment worked, but I can't find this path (/opt/prefect/flows) locally. I'm on Windows
it seems to assume that deployment creation is done on the same platform as the running agent, flows\healthcheck.py:healthcheck will not be valid on linux.
This tutorial assumes you want to use flows stored in Docker image, which means that during image build the directory flows/ is copied from a local file system to the docker image The tutorial was written for Linux/Max so if this entrypoint using flows/healthcheck.py doesn't work on Windows, I would recommend opening a GitHub issue
Alternatively you can do this build part from CI e.g. from GitHub Actions, this way you can run it on e.g. Ubuntu
I did the workaround of building in wsl. I guess the entrypoint path cannot be edited after building?
So to clarify, I'm building on Windows but running on Linux.
With WSL you build on Windows too. But yes, you can modify the entrypoint and path when needed