Rajvir Jhawar

09/02/2022, 1:34 AM
Hi Prefect Team, I have encountered a issue with deployments: For some reason parameters are required when you want to update a deployment via the UI. For instance if i want to just change work queue you cannot do that without having default parameters already set. Parameters should in this case always be optional. I only supply parameters via api call hence I don't even need to add default params. You can probably get around this by supplying default values, but that is not an optimal experience. The above issues occur in Prefect 2.3.1 Final issue i had so far when the value of "Debug" is set as false Prefect for some reason leaves the value blank. I haven't re-tested this again in a newer version of prefect (i believe in occurred in 2.1.0) . Just wanted to put that on your radar