Hi Everyone, What is the right format for passing...
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Hi Everyone, What is the right format for passing in parameters to my deployments using the python library? I can't seem to get my parameters to show up in orion Version: 2.3.0
A dict literal like you are using works for me. Just to confirm, your isp_flow function takes a
parameter something like:
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def isp_flow(bucket: str):
  #your flow code
yes that's correct
Did you initially create the deployment without parameters? I'm able to reproduce this if my flow has no parameters and then I add them later. When that happens, re-applying the same deployment name doesn't update the parameters. But deleting the flow in the UI and then re-running the deployment seems to fix it. And since the work queue name doesn't change, any agents pulling and running flows for that deployment should keep working
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I literally just did the same thing lol. It works now. Thank you!
Happy to help! Glad to hear you sorted it out. It looks like we have an issue for this in GitHub, so I expect it will be addressed soon.
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