Hi all :wave: Quick Prefect 1 version (potentially...
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Hi all πŸ‘‹ Quick Prefect 1 version (potentially 2.0 too, dunno yet πŸ˜„) Self-hosting with Docker, with the URL of Slack webhooks, is it possible to configure to a custom domain, rather than the default
that we can’t reach without connecting to the VM etc..
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I'm on mobile so hard to link but check out the docs in V1 showing "deploying to a single node" - there is a config file where you set the API endpoint and once you do that as described in the docs, you're off to the races and you should be able to talk to the remote API when registering your flows It seems like you are getting started and if so, I'd highly encourage you to start with Prefect 2 as this is the LTS product
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