Hi Community, In Prefect Cloud 1.0, is it possible...
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Hi Community, In Prefect Cloud 1.0, is it possible to replace the current version of the flow when publishing? The reason I ask is that I made a few changes to my code that can resolve the failed task. But when republishing the revised flow, Prefect creates a new version of the flow, meaning I can't restart the failed task but reruning the whole flow. thank you.
Hi Jeffrey, From my understanding you can’t do this because you need to re-register the changes (mostly). If you use script-based storage, changes can be reflected but it’s only for changes within a task. If you create more tasks or alter the DAG structure, it will throw an error. You can also use caching and start a new flow run so that it doesn’t re-run the previously run tasks. Check out this doc on caching based on a file target, maybe this will help. https://docs-v1.prefect.io/core/concepts/persistence.html#output-caching-based-on-a-file-target