Hey all, has anyone seen this error when attemptin...
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Hey all, has anyone seen this error when attempting to use a GCS storage backend?
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RuntimeError: File system created with scheme 'gcs' from base path '<gcs://mattmelgard-test-bucket-01>' could not be created. You are likely missing a Python module required to use the given storage protocol.
This is the CLI command I’m using to build the deployment:
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prefect deployment build tutorial-flow/flow/tutorial-flow.py:my_flow -n tutorial-flow-k8s -t test -i kubernetes-job -sb gcs/tutorial-bucket
and I have a block defined for the bucket with the name
but I’m not sure what could be missing here, I have pretty much all the python packages installed via
pip install 'prefect[all_extras]'
you need to
pip install gcsfs
in the env you're using prefect in. It'll also need to be installed in the image you're pulling in your kubernetes job to download the files from your bucket.
gotcha, okay, good to know!
thank you
no problem 🙂