also pls mind I'm more oriented towards devops sid...
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also pls mind I'm more oriented towards devops side of things, so I'm not 100% sure how all python stuff works yet. The prefect install has it's own virtualenv, the script should run in the same venv (for now)
Also the agent and Orion are running via Supervisor like this (the PATH should (?) be loading the venv)
Hi @Numline1! You'll want to have prefect available to whichever environment you'll end up running prefect flows in, as well as where the agent runs (whether or not that's the same machine is up to your choice of infrastructure!) if you'd like to run the agent as a long-lived linux process you could follow this guide or use the helm chart for the agent on k8s otherwise you can always just open another tab on your terminal with the same venv and run
prefect agent start -q mynewqueue
to test things out locally!