Hi there! does anybody knows if there's a command ...
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Hi there! does anybody knows if there's a command to check which agents has started in the background?
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ps aux | grep "prefect agent start"
Thanks Anna. I guess my plan didn't work.
I was trying to run the agent from docker compose
is that possible? and also how can I run agent in the background, something like -d ?
I want the agent to start automatically
almost everything is possible so yes, but I don't have any recommendations as of now for docker-compose Orion is super lightweight and doesn't require Docker to get started with a production-ready agent quickly, here is how you can spin up an agent on ECS in a single click and for generic systemd Linux setup, check this
@Anat Tal Gagnon looks like Ryan built a recipe for you 🙂 this includes docker-compose https://discourse.prefect.io/t/how-to-run-prefect-2-on-centos-7-or-rhel-7/1507
so I need a seperate docker container for the agent??
up to you - agent is just a process, Docker container is typically a process too