Luca Vehbiu

    4 weeks ago
    Hi guys, I have a task querying a Redshift database whose credentials are set outside the task. I use a docker storage and ecs run. Locally the flow runs fine, on the ecs it times out connection to redshift cluster. If I remove the task decorator the database is queried fine. I think only database credentials are not passed because loading to s3 works so its not aws credentials. Has this to do with mapping in tasks?
    Rob Freedy

    Rob Freedy

    3 weeks ago
    Hey Luca!! How are you setting those variables and accessing them within the task?
    Also, it might be worth checking your IAM permissions for the agent and the tasks. I have found this article to be super useful when running in ECS: https://towardsdatascience.com/how-to-cut-your-aws-ecs-costs-with-fargate-spot-and-prefect-1a1ba5d2e2df