Hi! I'm looking for some clarification for the rel...
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Hi! I'm looking for some clarification for the release of Prefect's UI. Is it correct to say UI (will) only be released with the cloud version so we won't be able to use it with our self-host OSS version?
Prefect team members stated above that the official UI will only be available as part of Prefect Cloud. But nobody stops you from making your own UI to your liking. Actually, that's what I'm doing right now. It's trivial to make flows and tasks register themselves in a DB and report their states via state handlers. The monitoring UI itself is trickier, but also doable.
Hi @mooncake4132, that’s correct. Prefect’s UI is a feature of Prefect’s Cloud platform as it is tightly integrated with the Cloud API and database. However, all of the hooks are exposed in the Core engine and for simple cases you could definitely roll your own as @Mikhail Akimov suggested. In fact, we’ve seen a lot of users simply repurpose the Dask UI for monitoring.
Thanks for the answer!