Apologies for starting off with a complaint - I sh...
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Apologies for starting off with a complaint - I should introduce myself. I'm evaluating Prefect for building workflows for transit data processing. I really like it so far and was able to get something up and running really quickly with the tutorials. I really like the direction of the project so far - it's what Airflow should have been! Highly modular with a vastly higher quality, python native codebase. This is the most promising ETL tool I've evaluated so far so I'm committing some time to building out a small scale prototype. Thanks for your help so far 🙏
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Awesome to hear! And no worries 🙂 one of the interesting challenges of building a framework is no matter how hard we try, we’ll never anticipate all of the ways people will try to use it — so your requests are perfect for helping make sure the platform does what it needs to do!