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Christopher Stokes

09/20/2019, 9:13 PM
Hello folks. I feel like I'm missing something pretty basic. I have the following code that runs
task twice and throws warnings:
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create_alert = CreateAlert()
create_rid_alert = CreateRidAlert()

with Flow('Alert Flow') as flow:
    alert_json = Parameter(name="alert_json", required=True)
    alert = create_alert(alert_json)
    rid_alert = create_rid_alert(alert)
    ifelse(has_rid(alert), rid_alert, None)
    rid = extract_rid(rid_alert)
I'd like to remove the
rid_alert = create_rid_alert(alert)
line but then I don't know how to wire up the
line with a result to pass to
for data flow. This may not be a clear question.
I'm trying to make a conditional fork in the DAG between alerts with rids and those without

Chris White

09/20/2019, 9:29 PM
Hi @Christopher Stokes! The warnings should go away in the latest release of Prefect (0.6.5); however, the double run definitely surprises me. Any chance you could rewrite the structure of your Flow with some “dummy” print tasks so I can recreate on my machine?
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Christopher Stokes

09/20/2019, 9:47 PM
Hmm. This appears to be user error. The warnings claim upstream tasks are run regardless and the viz alludes to that but print statements show otherwise
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def create_alert(input_param: str) -> str:
    print(f'created alert with param {input_param}')
    return input_param

def always_true(alert: str):
    print('always_true called in ifelse')
    return True

def enrich_alert(alert: str) -> str:
    print(f'enriching_alert {alert}')
    return f'{alert} enriched!'

def post_alert(alert: str) -> None:
    print(f'posting {alert}!')

with Flow('Example flow') as flow:
    input_param = Parameter(name="input_param", required=True)
    alert = create_alert(input_param)
    enriched_alert = enrich_alert(alert)
    ifelse(always_true(alert), enriched_alert, None)
state ={'input_param': 'test-alert'})
so I think I was just thrown by the warning:
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prefect/tasks/control_flow/ PrefectWarning: One of the tasks passed to the switch condition has upstream dependencies: <Task: enrich_alert>. Those upstream tasks could run even if the switch condition fails, which might cause unexpected results.
apologies for wasting your time on a Friday!


09/20/2019, 9:49 PM
Yeah, that warning is from about a year ago when we thought “Airflow-style” branching would be predominant, even though Prefect supports the style of branching you’re doing (which is more like “gating”). We removed it about a week ago 🙂
No worries at all, we’re glad to hear how you’re approaching Prefect and it helps us adjust it to make it more easy to use!

Chris White

09/20/2019, 9:51 PM
Yea no worries! Glad you were able to figure it out

Christopher Stokes

09/20/2019, 9:58 PM
Bumped version from
. No more warnings! Appreciated
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