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@Matt Harvey I think you can update schedules in prefect cloud via the API. That way you could get your schedule data in the morning, then update the flow's schedule before ending the job
Hey @Adam Roderick — just want to add one clarification: at this time, the schedule is considered an intrinsic part of the flow object, so it can’t be changed from Cloud. In other words, if you deploy a flow with a daily schedule and then want to change it to a weekly schedule, you’d use Prefect Core to change the flow’s schedule and then redeploy it to Cloud (Cloud would automatically detect the new version of the flow, archive the old one, and promote the new one!). We have an open roadmap item to make schedules mutable from Cloud without a redeploy, though.
I’ll make sure we add more detail to that doc!
That makes sense, thanks for the clarification
Yeah. To be clear, once the schedule is serialized up to cloud there’s nothing preventing this behavior, we’re just working on the right way to express the difference between mutable and immutable flow properties. We’re a little nervous about users changing something like
in Cloud and then being potentially surprised if they access that value from their flow and it has the original value. So we’re doing some thinking about making that a smooth process. We’d welcome your thoughts as you explore — including what you want to edit from Cloud vs Core!
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