Hello, quick question: prefect’s dask scheduler do...
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Hello, quick question: prefect’s dask scheduler does not seem to support the security specification that allows for things like ssl auth. Do you guys have any general recommendations in terms of executor authentication/security?
Hi Melanie! I don't believe we've come across this issue yet, but let me ask around and see if I can find some resources for you.
Following up: according to the linked doc, it looks like TLS/SSL can be implemented via keyword arguments on the Dask Client. We pass all extra keyword arguments to
to the client, so this might be an effective workaround. https://distributed.dask.org/en/latest/tls.html Aside from that, you raise a good point, and we'd love to implement more robust support for this in the future. Thank you for raising this point!
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Awesome thanks so much .
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