I haven't seen any CLI tool available if Prefect i...
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I haven't seen any CLI tool available if Prefect is run on premises...am I missing something?
Hi @Mihai H! Prefect comes with a full CLI; you can read more about it here: https://docs.prefect.io/cloud/concepts/cli.html#cli
The fact that the CLI works only on the cloud version mostly it kind of renders it useless for an o premise deploy
Or maybe I am missing something...?
Hi @Mihai H - it’s true that the CLI only works against our Cloud API; however, Prefect Cloud and Scheduler are structured in a way that allows for essentially on-premise deploys of Prefect. What I mean by this is that all data and code remains private on your infrastructure, and Cloud / Scheduler never requires access to your internal networks to function. Essentially everyone who has approached us with “on-prem” needs has found our hybrid architecture design works well for them
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