Three Questions: 1. Is there a way to do more with...
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Three Questions: 1. Is there a way to do more with the visualizations that prefect core outputs? Like append a file name to a task? 2. Also, is there a way to split the files out dynamically? I adopted the visualization state handler from the examples, but when I run large amounts of loops through, it just makes a blank file. 3. How do I make the flow write to a log file? I have the flow result_handler set to LocalResultHandler with a directory specified, but it does not write anything to it.
Hi @Mark Williams - apologies for the delayed response! 1. Are you referring to the output of
? If so, there is not much you can do to customize this currently. 2. You’ll need to use some custom logic to split
out into multiple files. Most of our users use
as a sanity check, and rely on our UI’s visualization features during execution (e.g., 3. Result handlers are the interface to configure how task outputs are handled. For writing logs to a file, you can attach a
to the prefect logger ( as follows:
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import prefect
from logging import FileHandler

file_handler = FileHandler(filename="logs.txt")

root_prefect_logger = prefect.utilities.logging.get_logger()

@Chris White Bummer on item 1. Item 2. I really like having the visualized flow with the colors as a quick way of debugging. Item 3. Awesome! I will implement this tomorrow. Processing 2k+ files makes the output crazy in my IDE. Do you all have a support team that would help with implementation and such for companies looking to utilize Prefect?
For Item 1 (and even Item 2) if you can spec out what you’d like, feel free to open an enhancement request on github and we can look into exposing the functionality you’re looking for! And yes we absolutely can discuss support services with you; if you want to follow up on this feel free to send both myself and one of our SE’s an email at
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