Do I need to create flow runs with the same labels...
# prefect-community
Do I need to create flow runs with the same labels that are auto-generated by an agent? I see new auto-generated labels (probably from installing more storage options?), and my agent isn't picking up a scheduled flow run. Plus, the agent has
label from the hostname running on an EC2 instance, while I scheduled the run locally with hostname (and therefore label)
. Edit: Ah, answered my own question, that's the issue. Any way I can turn off the hostname label by default? Or keep the labels but ignore the affinity (better option)?
Currently the Local agent has a _`hostname_label`_ boolean to toggle it but the local storage auto labels based on host name regardless so it doesn’t serve much use in this case. Maybe we should add an enhancement for allowing the toggle of labels on the flow environments. Would you be willing to open an issue to discuss?
Definitely! I can do that.