```from prefect import Flow, task @task def add_t...
# prefect-community
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from prefect import Flow, task

def add_ten(x):
    return x + 10

with Flow('simple map') as flow:
    mapped_result = add_ten.map([1, 2, 3])
I am using this code expected output is 11,12,13 in mapped_result how do I print the result?
Hi @bardovv - you can access the return values from the flow / task run states as follows:
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flow_state = flow.run()
task_state = flow_state.result[mapped_result]

print(task_state.result) # the actual return payload
can you share me the link where it's mentioned in the docs?
I can't get a dynamic visualization without using prefect cloud right? Like in airflow of state changes?
Yea, a dynamic visualization requires a backend which is currently only available via Cloud; we do have a completely free tier though if you want to sign up here: https://cloud.prefect.io
I am happy with the prefect core, I wanted an open source version for the prefect cloud, why is it that prefect cloud has pricing? Why have you'll not kept the scheduler as part of the prefect core instead of putting it in the prefect cloud.