Hi everyone, I'm sure there will be an official an...
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Hi everyone, I'm sure there will be an official announcement too, but just wanted to drop a quick congratulations to the Prefect team on getting the 0.10.0 release out that includes the UI and database! Last night I did a quick
pip install -U prefect
prefect server start
and brought up the UI in a browser without any trouble. This is a huge milestone and one that the community will benefit from greatly. Anyone can now run the fully open source Prefect Core and have a UI to manage and monitor flows. This gives folks a greater spectrum of options for running Prefect, from fully open source and no cost with Core to commercial with additional features with Cloud. Great work to the Prefect team!
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Letting the cat out of the bag! 😉 Thanks for the support @Joe Schmid - official announcement is indeed up over in #announcements (https://prefect-community.slack.com/archives/CKNSX5WG3/p1585587310018900) and we look forward to hearing from everyone!