Hello there :wave:, I got my first ELTC (Extract, ...
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Hello there 👋, I got my first ELTC (Extract, Load, Transform, Cleanup) flow working on Prefect Core 🤩 But now I got a question: I would like to run the flow at the launch of the python app, but also to apply a schedule for every night at 3. So basically, I want a
combine to a launch at startup. Is there an easy way to achieve this? 🧐 I think the fact that the scheduler wait for the next schedule raise the need for a "fire_at_start" parameter. In my case, if my schedule is programmed every day at 3 o'clock, I don't want to wait X hours before my DB is loaded up with data. 🕒 Does it make sense?
I've done similar things to this with
and specifying the
, which will always trigger when the flow is ran... the challenge with that, is you cannot specify the "every night at 3". Another approach would be to manually trigger the flow once after it's successfully built.
Thanks for your answer Scott. Indeed, I have trigger the flow manually after having built it. However, I'll try to find a pythonic way to do it (I think I'll try to combine multiple clocks into the scheduler)