Any chance there is a google cloud run or cloud bu...
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Any chance there is a google cloud run or cloud build backend in the works? I know there's not a direct analogue of Fargate on GCP but both are pretty close. If Cloud Run didn't have the 15 minute timeout it would be almost perfect for orchestration tasks (not any sort of processing though). Cloud build could work if not for the concurrency limitations
we're using GKE, but I think you're looking for more dynamic allocation without having the overhead of K8 and a Prefect Agent running 100% of the time?
I don't mind running the agent somewhere. But yeah something more serverless than GKE
the main thing is being able to easily setup service accounts. workload identity exists but it's still very much beta
and I'd also like to scale to 0
Just wondering, is this for serving the Core server or for deploying flows onto a serverless platform (e.g. an Agent which deploys flow runs to one of these services)?
@josh just seeing this 😓 I am interested in using cloud run/build or something for actually running the flows. I know k8s is supported but that's a lot of extra complexity to manage vs something more opinionated