Hello everyone, Apologies if this is a basic quest...
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Hello everyone, Apologies if this is a basic question: I understand that in Prefect we can cache Task results for a given time duration as long as the flow is executing, and we can also checkpoint these results to a persistent storage if needed. Let's say that I am executing 3 sequential tasks in a Prefect flow, locally , and the machine fails for some reason. At the time of failure, the first 2 tasks from my flow executed successfully, and I checkpointed their results before the machine failure in a persistent storage. In this case, when I restart my local machine, and rerun the Prefect flow, will it make use of the checkpointed results? Or will it re execute the entire flow?
It you are running your flows with a state backend like Core’s server or Prefect Cloud then the cache from the first two tasks will be respected. If you are only running your flows in process where the cached states are stored in memory then they will not be there once the process dies.
Understood, makes sense, thank you 👍