Adam Roderick

04/13/2020, 3:31 PM
Is there a feature comparison between what is available in the OS UI vs Prefect Cloud?
Also a couple more questions
@Kyle Moon-Wright and I started to explore whether the OS UI would be suitable for a small-scale or mid-scale production deployment. Is a goal to provide a reasonable alternative to a Cloud license? Or is the goal to support local runs of the UI only?
My opinion is Cloud is a good value for the license cost, but I would like to prove that out by deploying the OS UI into our own environment. That way my client can evaluate whether the trouble of hosting, maintaining, scaling, and doing without some Cloud features are all worth the effort and cost.
So, if you have some tutorials or guidance on this, I'm happy to be a guinea pig or take that draft documentation on a trial run!


04/13/2020, 3:45 PM
Hey Adam - our goal is to move the basic workflow management features of Cloud into the open source server (most notably the UI itself). Cloud will continue to contain Prefect’s “platform” features. We’ve started outlining some of the differences here and would be happy to get your thoughts as we build more detailed versions 🙂
However, the OSS server should definitely be enough to evaluate whether passive workflow transparency is sufficient for a user or whether the additional “active” guarantees of a managed platform are appropriate
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At least, that is our objective in making it available 🙂
marvin 1

Adam Roderick

04/13/2020, 5:38 PM
Very nice. I'll check it out, thanks!
The feature comparison is very helpful