Anyone else running into the problem caused by loa...
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Anyone else running into the problem caused by loading yaml file when trying to do
prefect server start
? This is a fresh environment. I thought it might be incompatibility with python 3.8 but I saw the 3.8 compatibility was merged.
@An Hoang that last error looks like
isn’t installed in your new environment - is it possible to check if it’s available?
which docker-compose
Hi @Jeremiah I did that and it doesn’t show anything so it was missing. This is an Ubuntu machine at work. I installed
using conda but there are still problems. Is there anything incompatible with the Ubuntu OS? Do I have to get the admin to install docker?
When I install prefect + dask in a fresh environment at my home iMac everything runs smoothly…
ok this is very weird but if you look on line 292 of the log you just pasted, it looks like docker compose attempts to access an attribute
that was deprecated in 3.5 and removed in 3.8
and only does it under ubuntu
which I think means docker compose isn’t 3.8 compatible on ubuntu — in which case I think we need to go dig in to this edge case
Yes, it appears to be here in the latest source code -
For the moment, I’m afraid this means docker-compose can’t be used on ubuntu + 3.8
@An Hoang actually, as an alternative, could you install
as described here, rather than with conda? Hopefully that will avoid picking up your system Python
In the meantime I’ve opened an issue here.
Thank you! I’m asking the admin to install docker compose and will report back what I found later 🙂