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Question about setting
to the same task being called twice with different arguments. I have something like
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B.set_dependencies(upstream_tasks=[A], keyword_tasks=...)
B.set_dependencies(upstream_tasks=[A], keyword_tasks=...)
where B must run after A, and each gets called with two separate sets of Parameters. If I call
twice, will the second B wait on the second A? And is this the idiomatic way to do this?
Hi @Andrew Vaccaro! I think an easy way to handle that would be to assign task
to a variable each time, and then reference that variable like such:
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a1 = A(abcd)
B().set_dependencies(upstream_tasks=[a1], keyword_tasks=...)
a2 = A(defg)
B().set_dependencies(upstream_tasks=[a2], keyword_tasks=...)
Oh duh I forgot you could use dummy/empty result variables to track the results of specific tasks.
I just watched @Laura Lorenz (she/her) demo this, too 🙂
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Thanks for the fast response
Of course! 😄
Hmm actually I think only our last call to each task is actually being executed.
I'm kinda thinking this should be parameterized at the Flow level, which seems more idiomatic. We do have a dictionary as keyword tasks, with hard-coded params, instead of using actual results from a previous task.
B.set_dependencies(upstream_tasks=[A], keyword_tasks={'a': 123})
No real need for an answer at 4:30 on Friday don't worry about it for now; we're gonna experiment on Monday anyways.
Oh so sorry! I wasn't looking closely enough at the code. You'll need to add another
to those B tasks, otherwise it's referencing the same object! I've amended the code above, sorry again!