Hey folks, question for you all. Is it possible to...
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Hey folks, question for you all. Is it possible to encapsulate a series of tasks within one task in order to facilitate the writing of flows? Let’s say I have the following tasks A -> B -> C I want to create one task called D in such a way that if I create a flow E -> D, what I am really generating is E -> A -> B -> C Cheers!
Hey Maxime, You can definitely consolidate tasks into a single task, however you won’t have the granularity of control that you would normally have by assigning A, B, and C to their own tasks. Keep in mind that we do not have a higher-level API for reasoning about group tasks though, say if you wanted to add multiple tasks at once via
, you would only add one task to the flow despite three tasks existing in
Thanks @Kyle Moon-Wright, code wise, what would that look like?
Something like this?
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class DTask(Task):
  def __init__(self):
  def run(self):
    a = ATask().run()
    b = BTask(a).run()
    c = CTask(b).run()

    return c
Rather than encapsulating in a task, it seems you could encapsulate them in a plain old function:
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def a(x):
    return 2 * x

def b(x):
    return x - 1

def c(x):
    return x / 2

def e():
    return 5
def abc(upstream):
    a_res = a(upstream)
    b_res = b(a_res)
    return c(b_res)

with Flow('test') as f:
    upstream = e()

This produces
, and it seems downstream tasks can be added to
via the returned value of
Indeed, if your goal is to see
A →B →C
in your flow, we’d recommend using a function to abstract the complexities of creating three tasks away (Prefect’s
is a function that generates a few tasks for you, for example)
Thank you @emre and @Jeremiah! Really valuable input
@emre this is brilliant