Hi! I am experimenting with the local prefect serv...
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Hi! I am experimenting with the local prefect server. I know how to start it but how do I stop it?
Hi @Mikael,
ctrl + c
should do the trick!
Thanks! But I mean all the docker services. The terminal just responds that the serivices is running when I am starting. The containers are still running even when I shut down the terminal
Ah! Apologies for that misunderstanding-- let me take a look.
Generally speaking, I'd expect Prefect Server components to spin down when you exit your terminal, but it sounds like in this case, closing your session didn't close your active processes. I'll keep an eye out for this, but your best bet in the meantime is to remove those containers using the Docker CLI or desktop app.
What worked for me was to 'prefect server start' , let it attach to the container logging, then Ctrl c to trigger a graceful shutdown.