Hey team, I’m trying to run the docker agent insid...
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Hey team, I’m trying to run the docker agent inside of a docker container but having some troubles - has anyone attmped this?
It’s failing to connect ot my local server, looking for a cloud token instead. How does the agent know to look locally when I run outside of docker? (Also worth noting I am running wiht
forgot myself a
prefect backend server
. Issue resolved
Ha ha! I was just about to ask if you've tried prefect backend server. Glad you got it resolved.
Hey @Brad, I was wondering how you got to run the agent inside a container. Can you share it here?
Hey Vikram - what issues are you seeing?
running the
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prefect agent start docker
worked fine for me when I also ran
prefect backend server
When I run a flow from the UI, the agent doesn't pick up the flow. Also, when I checked with a
docker ps
, I wasn't able to see a container running.
Sounds like possibly a label issue, check what labels your docker agent has vs what your flow requires in the UI