Hello everyone! Please tell me if the server start...
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Hello everyone! Please tell me if the server starts as follows: 1) prefect backend server 2) prefect server start Where does config.toml come from if I need to change the endpoint in it? 1) ~ / .prefect / config.toml 2) prefect / src / prefect / config.toml 3) prefect / server / src / prefect_server / config.toml? I fluently tried all 3 options, but it did not bring success = (
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You should be able to put the configuration in:
, or set the environment variable
to a different location and put it there!
Well, i try but it did not bring success =(
I’m also having this issue - is there some way to check the config we start the server with ?
after several experiments, I found that the data was taken from ~ / .prefect / backend.toml But unfortunately it is not yet clear what the structure of this file should be for setting a valid endpoint
maybe @Chris White or @josh could shed some light on this?
I’ll need more info to help but here’s what I can say: - your user config by default lives in
- to change the location you can set
to the absolute path of your config location - this is the structure, along with defaults: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/blob/master/src/prefect/config.toml