Hey everyone. I'm new here. I am at the beginning ...
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Hey everyone. I'm new here. I am at the beginning stages of setting up a POC for Prefect on our kubernetes cluster. I see that there is a Kubernetes Agent which makes sense to me. Then I see the Kubernetes Execution Environment which is also cool. I am curious as to which agent you recommend for the Kubernetes Execution Environment? Or I guess how do Execution Environments interact with Agents?
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Hi @Geoffrey Gross, welcome to Prefect! Agents and execution environments are configured separately so you can mix and match them as you like, though generally folks who already have a kubernetes cluster like you do will use the Kubernetes Agent and either the DaskKubernetes or KubernetesJob environments, depending on your preference (and what level of parallelism you need). Fundamentally agents just poll the backend for what work to do and ship it off to an executor based on what environment is configured. Here’s a little diagram that might help visualize it a bit too: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1TfOsYmsjgbwXRkiItb2ZeTW_oYxXWAWKMtEnEFOyPiA/edit#slide=id.g7453fd8b20_0_129
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Thanks! This is helpful!