I see the perfect tasks are not long running. Eg: ...
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I see the perfect tasks are not long running. Eg: the database fetch task it opens connection executes query and closes connection. Is it possible to develop a task which runs forever. I can write a PostgreSQL Task which initializes connection pool and it's open forever. All subsequent query executions will re-use connection from pool. Another use case is a gRPC or Arrow Flight IPC server which runs forever and will serve other tasks the necessary data. Something similar to zeebe or netflix conductor provides.
Because Prefect is built on the model of workflows-as-DAGs, we require that tasks finish before downstream dependencies can begin. That being said, we are exploring a notion of “Resource” that you can specify on your Flow that will essentially achieve what you’re after (essentially we’d be introducing a new non-task abstraction). This feature is not currently prioritized so probably won’t be picked up until next quarter