Hi - I have two flows that I am trying to merge in...
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Hi - I have two flows that I am trying to merge into one using
. They flows are located in separate modules and have some duplicate parameters. Unfortunately the example pattern for joining flows with duplicate parameters only compiles if all the duplicated parameters are removed from their respective modules. Which makes multiple flow development difficult. Is there another pattern or solution where flows can be developed independently and then merged? --thanks https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60679595/how-does-one-update-a-prefect-flow-with-duplicate-parameters .
Hi @itay livni - there's not another pattern that exists as far as I'm aware. Perhaps there's a centralized solution you can use where you pull parameters from some common module to avoid duplication?
🤔 Let me explore that
Would it be possible for
to save the new flow's edges in a namespace for
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