Hi, has anyone created a “Flow as a service” syste...
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Hi, has anyone created a “Flow as a service” system with Prefect? We don’t plan to charge anything, it’s just a collaboration. We want to provide the code for the flows and the end user just provide 1) Data, 2) Dask cluster IP that end user created/paid for independent from us, 3) Result endpoints and we run the flow. We want to let the user provide the compute backend to not have to deal with compute resource billing, and don’t want to see their proprietary data. How does one go about doing that at a high level? Are there any issues, especially security issues, to be aware of?
Hi @An Hoang, the good news is we have! Everything you’ve described is immediately available with a Prefect Cloud license; including no visibility into proprietary data, security and authorization, separate billing for resources, etc. We’d be happy to discuss what expanding your Cloud license could look like - feel free to reach out to @David Abraham anytime, including with questions about the free tier or our open-source program. We will be rolling out expansions to those options in the near future and could give you an early look. We released Prefect Server (including its UI and API) as a self-hosted product for companies to deploy internally, but it is not licensed for delivery “as a service”. Therefore it is not an option for your purpose. We would encourage you to build on Prefect Cloud instead, as it would require no effort and achieve all of your goals.
Thank you @Jeremiah. Sorry should have looked into the license thing first. Am still in the stage of comparing the features that Prefect Cloud offers besides Prefect Server, which accounts for some of the confusions you saw
Good to know Prefect Cloud has all we need though! 😄 Will follow up later after discussing with my work
Hi An, happy to help in any way we can. If you have any questions or need assistance, please send me an email: david@prefect.io