Hello, I was wondering what the recommended set up...
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Hello, I was wondering what the recommended set up was for running the prefer core server unattended on a virtual machine. The
prefect server
CLI does not seem to support a daemonized mode. Is there some standard way to use the docker-compose config to run the core server using something like Docker Swarm?
Is there a less DIY way to get a prefect core server running unattended on a Linux VM?
I'd prefer to use whatever methods that are supported so that I can upgrade my core server in the future without having to worry about future Prefect codebase changes breaking a more "custom" method
Hi @Matt Segal - my recommendation would be to use something like
. So when starting Prefect Server it would be:
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nohup prefect server start >/dev/null 2>$1 &
>/dev/null 2>$1
will prevent the quite noisy output from writing to a
file and the
on the end will detach the process from the terminal)
Thanks for the advice Nicholas. I can't say that it's my favourite method for running something on a server. I expect it will run fine though since it's been packaged so nicely. I don't think
docker-compose up
will restart a container if it crashes though. I get the impression that the Prefect Core server is really just for playing around on your local machine, rather than something that you would run in anger in a prod environment. For example, if I were to use this for my "production" workflows I would want to be able to see server logs, which are currently all written to stdout.
After some thought, I will build my own docker-compose and run that using Docker Swarm