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06/08/2020, 9:19 PM
Hi Community, I am trying out the Prefect Fargate Agent. So far I managed to build Flows with a Docker Storage type, schedule them on Prefect Cloud and launch a Prefect Fargate Agent that deploys the Flows after connecting to Prefect Cloud. Now inside AWS ECS I see that the tasks fail due to:
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STOPPED (CannotPullContainerError: Error response from daem)
To my understanding the launched Fargate Instance does not have any access to the Docker Image of the Flow. Concerning the solution from # Non-Docker Storage for Containerized Environments for rapid deployment, which image would the
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metadata={"image": "repo/name:tag"}
refer to in the example given?


06/08/2020, 10:00 PM
Hi @Paul - if you're using Docker storage, the daemon will need to have access to that registry, whatever it might be. Can you provide a minimum repro of the code you're using that has this issue?


06/09/2020, 7:54 AM
Hey @nicholas, so if I push the docker image to AWS ECR and pull from there with the Fargate Agent it will work, I presume. But I would like to follow this approach taken from the Orchestration Docs in order to not have to rebuild the Docker Image everytime I alter the flow. I am just curious how the approach given in this Snippet from the Docs would work, mor eprecisely I don't understand yet what type of Image would be
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"image": "repo/name:tag"