Hello! :wave: I'm evaluating prefect server for a ...
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Hello! 👋 I'm evaluating prefect server for a new project and I'm curious - what is the suggested way to deploy
prefect server start
where its not running in the foreground? I was expecting to find a
option (similar to docker-compose). I'm sure this has been asked before - just looking to be pointed in the right direction! Thanks! 🙇
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Hi! So there’s not really a super official way to do that with the prefect convenience CLI, certainly you could stick the whole
prefect server start
or something though that doesn’t feel great. In general once people get out out of the base case that
prefect server start
provides we’ve been recommending people take a look at the docker compose file itself and taking it out to suit it to your needs (
prefect server start
really just does some environment variable interpolation before running
docker-compose up
on this docker compose file: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/blob/master/src/prefect/cli/docker-compose.yml). So in that case you could put that docker compose file somewhere and use docker-compose directly, including the
. All that being said we are actively thinking of the best ways to expose deployment setup better.
prefect server start
quickly outgrew itself as we keep adding on more flags to it so we’re trying to find a good way to split the difference between people just taking a look at the UI and people actually deploying.
Hey @Laura Lorenz (she/her) - thanks for getting back to me so promptly! My gut told me that was the right approach. I'm already using docker compose for other services so that fits in very nicely.
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+1 on using docker compose + config file and env variables possibly in a .env file