06/22/2020, 12:05 PM
Hello, I would like to ask about flow deployment. Can I come back to the previous version of flow? How to keep flow wersioning on repo and linked it somehow to prefect?


06/22/2020, 1:46 PM
Hi @Rafal! We have a number of folks in the community (including us, internally) who use CI to push new versions of flows when a repo is updated. Because Prefect has native support for flow versioning, this is transparent and you can have API calls automatically refer to the latest version. We are actively working on new enhancements in this area, including the ability to quickly roll back to previous versions. Look for that in an upcoming release of Server / Cloud! In addition to CI, we have been working on a first-class way to use git repos as storage for flows. You might even see the first PR for it later today (keep an eye on @josh). Once that is released, we’ll be building new workflows on top of the features it enables.