Hello everyone! I'm using Prefect and everything w...
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Hello everyone! I'm using Prefect and everything works well, but.. I want to secure the prefect UI with username and password, anyone can help me with this? TIA 🙂
Hi Francisco, Prefect doesn’t include an auth layer because as an open-source project the surface area of truly locking down the system is extraordinary and beyond our ability to guarantee. We advise you to run the system in a secure network environment to prevent unauthorized access. If you do require a global auth layer, please consider signing up for a free Prefect Cloud account!
Hey, @David Ojeda did it with Pomerium-based access. You can have a look at the code here : https://github.com/dojeda/prefect-helm Of course, it’s all made waaaaaaay easyer with Cloud Hope it helps 🙂
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